Даю много!Нужно поставить глагол в правильной форме!Помогите срочно! 1) At last the librarian ( to give) me the book on soil science which I ( to look for) for a month. I was very glad. 2) Don’t speak to him: he ( to be) very busy, he ( to do) some very urgent work. 3) Where ( to be) Michael? – He ( to speak) with the chief agronomist. 4) I didn’t notice that my watch ( to stop ), and when I ( to arrive) at the station, my train ( to leave ). 5) I ( not yet to fall asleep) when the telephone ( to ring ). 6) Every spring they ( to spread) organic fertilizers on the field. 7) Go to see your old grandfather as soon as you ( to arrive) in Novgorod. 8) When they returned they ( to tell) us a lot of interesting things which they ( to see) during their farm practice in Germany. 9) When I ( to leave) home it ( to rain ). 10) I ( to meet) him when he ( to walk) across the street. 11) Our region ( to supply) the country with farm products. 12) They ( to grow) oil-bearing crops since 1990. 13) They ( to grow) this crop for 5 years. 14) Farmers in hilly regions always ( to breed) finefleece sheep. 15) Yesterday the weather ( to be) fine. 16) Where is your luggage? – I ( to leave) it at the station. 17) I ( to read) for about an hour when he ( to come ). 18) John ( to drive) us to the station tomorrow. 19) The moon ( not to rise) yet, and only two stars ( to shine) in the dark blue sky. 20) She ( not to like) noisy streets. 21) What you ( to do) here? – I ( to prepare) for my report. – How long you ( to prepare) for it? – Oh, I ( to work) since morning. 22) Tomorrow at 3 o’clock we ( to wait) for you at the station. 23) Yesterday I ( to meet) a friend of mine whom I ( not to see) for a long time. 24) The students ( to finish) the course paper by dinner time.

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