Задай вопрос?вставь пропущенные is,are, aren't,do,can,can't ,have1) ____Phil watching a film about dolphins? Yes,he____.2)_____they very clever? Yes,they_______3)_______they like people? Yes they_____4)_____phil's sister Kate reading a book about elephants? Yes,she___5)____theu help people? Yes,they___6)_____his little brother sam playing hide-and-seek with his kitten? Yes,he____7)____the kitten sitting under the armchair? Yes,it____8)___sam see it? No,he___9)___phil's mum making a nice cake in the kitchen? Yes,she____10)____his dad talking on the phone? Yes,he_____11)____his granny and grandad playing chess? No,they12)___they want to go the lake? Yes,they____13)____they got a small house there? Yes,they_____14)____they want to take Phil and his sister Kate with them? Yes,they_____.

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